<p align=Murray Hill, NJ–March 26, 1997–Lucent Technologies' (Murray Hill, NJ) Inferno Network Software Solutions Group announced the Inferno Partners Program–a consortium of companies working together to fuel marketplace growth for intelligent networks and information appliances.

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Wilsonville, Ore.–March 30, 1998–Mentor Graphics Corp. and IkosSystems, Inc. have partnered to integrate their leading-edge products to provide a high-performance embedded system verification environment targeted at meeting the needs of telecom and datacom systems designers.

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The principal result of the Mentor-Ikos partnership is that designers of complex embedded systems can now begin hardware/software integration early in the design cycle, enabling them to maintain stringent time-to-market and time-to-profit requirements.

The first deliverable of the partnership, available in June, is theintegration of Mentor Graphics' Seamless Coverification Environment (CVE) and Ikos's Voyager and NSIM accelerated VHDL environment. A subsequent phase of the partnership will focus on advancing state-of-the-art coverification with hardware accelerators and will include new product andinterface development by both companies.

Mentor Graphics' hardware/software coverification methodology permitstop-down refinement of hardware design to process software more efficiently. Software designers can take advantage of the early availability of run-time libraries and behavioral-level models for validation of software against hardware early in the design process. With Seamless CVE, interface errors between hardware and software are detected earlier in the design cycle, when fixes aredramatically less costly and time-consuming.

DF37CJ-20DP-0.4V(53)_Datasheet PDF

Mentor Graphics8005 SW Boeckman RoadWilsonville, OR 97070-7777www.mentorg.comorIkos 19050 Pruneridge Ave. Cupertino, CA 95014(408)

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DF37CJ-20DP-0.4V(53)_Datasheet PDF

San Jose–March 31, 1998–Atmel Corp.announced an agreement to license Motorola's Messaging Systems Products Group (MSPG) Flex Stack software, supported by Atmel's AVR and ARM families of Flash-based microcontrollers. Atmel andMotorola will collaborate to develop and support Flex Stackobject code that will allow wireless connectivity for computing devicesusing Atmel's portfolio of standard and custom RISC microcontroller products,including AVR and ARM controllers. Atmel will also supply softwaredevelopment environments that will aid in the creation of Flex wirelessapplications.

Motorolawww.motorola.comorAtmel (800)

The Vanguard 320, the newest member of the Vanguard WAN Access family of products, can be configured with an integral ISDN option card and supports a full range of ISDN services.

The Vanguard 320 will be available in April through Motorola's direct sales force and authorized Motorola partners.

ISG information is available on the World Wide Web at

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Phoenix, AZ–March 11, 1997–Microtest Inc. (Phoenix, AZ) announced it is shipping the enterprise version of DiscPort Executive for NT 2.0, an advanced CD-ROM networking software solution that enhances Microsoft Windows NT's support for CD-ROM sharing. DiscPort Executive for NT 2.0 saves information managers time and money over NT's native CD-ROM sharing by increasing capacity, improving performance, extending connectivity, and automating CD-ROM management.

The BAT54, BAT54A, BAT54C, and BAT54S are available now in the SOT-23 surface mount package. Pricing in the 100,000-unit lot ranges from $0.11 for the BAT54 to $.19 for the BAT54S. In addition to the current offering of four devices, Fairchild plans to release additional devices in a variety of surface mount and through-hold packages in the near future.

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