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The decidedly analog old car enthusiasts who love to tinker in their garages with transmissions, differentials, and all manner of moving parts gradually came around to the view that Elon Musk’s cars possess a certain caché, or as the analyst Magney calls it, a performance edge.”

Initially, I felt like the Tesla had no soul,” continued Magney. It was just a machine.” Now, he thinks it’s the future.


Of the Tesla architecture, neighbor Richard concludes: It’s basically a giant iPhone” capable of a full-stack upgrade every six weeks or so for components ranging from the autopilot to the rain-sensing algorithm that controls the windshield wipers.

Tesla Model 3 (Source: Tesla)

The zero-to-60 zippiness of the early Tesla models is now being bolstered with a 300-plus-mile battery range, a key metric for penetrating the mass market currently dominated by the ubiquitous Toyota Prius and other hybrids. Along with improved range, the Model 3 accelerates from a dead stop to 60 mph in 5.1 seconds.


The company is also encouraging high-end competitors. Magney called Porsche’s all-electric four-door coupe, dubbed Mission E, the latest in a line of Tesla killers.” Ultimately, he added, Tesla’s legacy will be shaking up the stagnant auto industry while advancing automotive technology innovation in key areas like power management and battery cell designs that enable faster recharging rates.

Indeed, automotive analysts report more Tesla intellectual property being designed into each new model, including ASIC designs that help control the Tesla powertrain.


Meanwhile, battery cell design has been improving steadily, extending battery range to more than 300 miles between charges and faster battery recharge rates at an expanding Tesla supercharger network. Tesla software also provides drivers with information on the nearest charging station, availability, and nearby amenities. In one scenario, travelers could plug in, hit the john, grab a cup of coffee, and be notified when their vehicle battery was fully charged.

Still, critics doubt whether a business model based on an outsized, cultish personality like Elon Musk’s can succeed in a low-margin enterprise like volume auto manufacturing. Few, however, would quibble with the fact that Musk has fundamentally changed the way that cars are designed, if not built.

4: Stem Athena AI-Powered Energy Storage and Virtual Power Plants



AI-powered energy storage allows facilities to automate energy cost savings.(Source: Stem)

The cooperation between IOTA Foundation and STMicroelectronics will lead to having a software package to integrate IOTA on ST development boards easily.

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