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<p><i>Editor's note: An earlier version of this story erroneously reported that MoSys intends to phase out its standard-products business. EBN regrets the error.</i></p>

In its latest fiscal year, ended in March, MRC's sales totaled more than $80 million.

One example is the need for threshold-voltage matching in digital circuits. As in analog design, signal levels must be carefully controlled over the entire chip to ensure a smoothly functioning digital circuit. But many independent process parameters can result in varying threshold voltages for FETs. Ultimately, a digital process must be subjected to the same kinds of noise and signal integrity analyses as analog.

Combined analog/digital designs can be usefully compared by ranking them according to the number of bits of accuracy vs. the frequency at which they operate. A very high-frequency system at low resolution can be just as complex as a lower-frequency system at high resolution,” Vertregt said.

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For example, a DVD read/write system might operate at 100 kHz but need high, 22-bit resolution, whereas a cellular phone basestation would run at 100 MHz but only require 14-bit resolution. Nevertheless, both designs represent about the same challenge to a combined digital-analog process.

The present generation of advanced analog-digital systems clusters around a 1-watt power dissipation line. That measure of performance is based on estimating the amount of power required for one analog-to-digital conversion step, which in the current generation works out to about 5 picojoules.

The same analysis applied to next-generation systems reveals a large jump, to 1-kW of power dissipation per system. Dealing with that amount of power consumption will pose a formidable challenge, Vertregt said.

CMF55169R00BER6_Vishay Dale_Through Hole Resistors

Consider it both a strategic business move that ensures Amkor Technology Inc.'s continued prosperity and a thank you” note to Daddy.

In offering last week to purchase Anam Semiconductor Inc.'s three remaining chip-packaging and test-services plants, Amkor is looking to secure its own future and that of a weakened giant instrumental to Amkor's birth and success.

CMF55169R00BER6_Vishay Dale_Through Hole Resistors

The $1.4 billion buy-out will be Amkor's latest in a string of financial outlays this year. Beyond expanding its own Asian holdings, this acquisition guarantees that Anam, by now reduced to a one-fab foundry, can at least begin to emerge from Korea's form of bankruptcy.

When concluded, the latest transaction will give Amkor a substantial interest-estimated by analysts at between 40% and 50%-in Anam, which will receive about $800 million for the three plants. Amkor will also invest another $500 million to $600 million in newly issued Anam shares.

The PH2401 achieves a receiver sensitivity of -84 dBm, which is a 20% improvement over the Bluetooth 1.0 specification of -70 dBm, at a bit error rate of 0.1%, according to Philsar. The total power consumption of the transceiver is less than 25 mW, said the company.

Philsar is working with several partners to support its Bluetooth transceivers. For example, Mitel Semiconductor has paired up its baseband IC and software stack to work with the 2401 radio chips.

Engineering samples of the 2401 will become available in the first quarter of 2000. Housed in a 48-pin package, the device will be priced below $5 in quantities of 100,000 and above.

CEM giant Solectron Corp. met analysts' high expectations this week, reporting record revenue for the first quarter of fiscal 2000, ended Nov. 26. Solectron's first-quarter revenue was $2.5 billion, a 28% increase over the first quarter of fiscal 1999. Net income for the quarter was $98 million, up 53.4% from the year-ago period.

Solectron's first-quarter sales on a geographical basis were 60% United States, 14% Latin America, 13% Europe, and 13% Asia.


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