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<p>We're really just starting down this path,” added Jim Allchin, Microsoft's vice president of platforms in a keynote Tuesday (May 4).</p>

However, there is a lot of debate as to whether or not Microsoft's entry is a positive thing.

Calls to agents are received at the 81C sent to Avaya IR for IVR treatment and from there sent through the 81C to the Nortel phone. At the same time the Avaya IR is sending the call to the 81C, the IR pass the information to the IC server, which runs any necessary data dips against Xyz's databases and pops the information on the Agent's screen.

As Xyz Corp's requirements grow, Avaya connects an S8700 Media Server, what's basically a hardened Pentium server running Avaya's Communication Manager 2.0 call control software, through Avaya's G650 Media Gateway. The IR and IC along with Avaya IP phones connect to the S8700. Both the existing Nortel users and Avaya users run the IC agents on their PCs. The company claims Avaya Communication Manager 2.0 can support up to 5,200 agents.

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Functionally, the Avaya propositions are notable on several fronts. Component pricing on the solutions will likely be higher than estimated to account for unaccounted Nortel costs. Both solutions require the 81C to connect to the LAN, which, based on the information provided by Xyz, suggests an upgrade to Symposium, or roughly another $20,000.

Depending on configuration, the strategic solution will also require to double the expected line cards placed in the 81C. This is to accommodate the incoming calls passed from the 81C through the G650 to the Avaya environment, where the call routing is occurring. As a result of this architecture, it was determined that Xyz should most seriously consider the Avaya proposal when the bulk of traffic terminates at handsets or softphones connected directly to the S8700.

The Avaya Interaction Center provides a common distribution engine, called Workflow Service, which Avaya says is capable of distributing all media. Separately, though, Avaya notes that IM is provided by IBM's Lotus Instant Messenger (LIM), an additional expense. What's more: Avaya's licenses only provide 10 users with Web-calls and E-mail access.

CMF55184K00BER6_Vishay Dale_Through Hole Resistors

Contact Center Suppliers

Two major contact-center suppliers, Rockwell and Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories , replied to our bid request.

CMF55184K00BER6_Vishay Dale_Through Hole Resistors

Both supply extensive reporting and contact-center functionality and should be seriously considered for large scale enterprise deployments. Their breadth of functionality was likely to be overkill for this particular deployment however.

Rockwell FirstPoint Contact proposed its FirstPoint Enterprise Solution. It's a multi-channel contact center and aimed at integrating with a Cisco CallManager (CCM) environment.

The system infuses weather-forecasting models with specialized knowledge about the plume and dispersion patterns for various toxic agents, as well as venue-specific data such as the local temperature inversions at night, which could allow an airborne hazard to spread below rooftop height.

The plume-and-dispersion model spans four concentric airspaces, somewhat in the manner of a Russian nesting doll, with resolutions of a few kilometers down to 2 meters, respectively.

Meanwhile, a real-time monitoring system integrates streaming sensor data from fixed sites with at-a-distance measures such as Doppler and laser-based radars. The result is a virtual 3-D hemisphere around the protected site ” in this case, the grounds of the Pentagon ” with varying resolutions, from coarser to finer.

The air composition is known anywhere inside the hemisphere; turbulence measures enable the model to predict the near future and to self-correct for surprises in real-time.

At its widest reach, with a resolution of a few kilometers, the model gets updated every few hours from conventional weather-forecasting sources. At the next layer the resolution becomes finer, less than 1 km, by virtue of real-time data from fixed-sensor locations and from radar scans that are updated every 6 minutes.

Neue Applikationen werden nach Auffassung der Verbandsexperten trotz schwankender Chip-Preise die Nachfrage insgesamt ankurbeln. Positive Impulse für den Inlandsmarkt kommen aus allen wichtigen Abnehmersegmenten”, so Peter Bauer, Vorsitzer des Fachverbandes Bauelemente der Elektronik im ZVEI. Dabei vollzog sich der Aufschwung nicht in allen Bereichen im gleichen Maß. Aktive Bauelemente beispielsweise — neben Halbleitern gehören hierzu auch Displays und Bildröhren — legten im vergangenen Jahr um 6 Prozent zu, für das laufende Jahr rechnet der Verband hier sogar mit einem Umsatzanstieg von gut 10 Prozent. Innerhalb dieses Segments ragten Prozessoren und Speicherchips mit einem Wachstum von 8 Prozent über den Durchschnitt hinaus.

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